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Blood donation and transfusion service is an indispensable part of contemporary medicine and health care. Blood management has been recognized as a challenging task because of life threatening nature of blood products entails the punctilious administration due to its perishable nature & required timely processing and it also saves the life.

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DONATE BLOOD SAVE LIFE.Your blood donation may be even more special than you realize. A single donation from you can help one or more patients.

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| 10-04-2012
Odisha launches e-blood bank facility in the state
Bhubaneswar: Odisha Health minister Prasanna Acharya launches e-blood bank facility in state on Wednesday at Bhubaneswar. Under the e-blood bank service, Odisha will start bar-coding of blood bags to ensure blood collected first is used first in 100 per cent cases. The service, first of its kind in the country. To start with, the service will link …
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